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I decided to try Alexander Technique because of a persistent lower back pain over 6 years ago.  The technique not only helped eliminate my physical problem but also led to changes in other aspects of my life.  Becoming more aware of the way I use my body and breathing has helped me deal more effectively with everyday stressful situations and helped boost my general wellbeing.  I feel lucky to have discovered the Alexander Technique and benefit from painkiller free existence and increased self-awareness.
E F N, University Lecturer.

If you think the only way to feel better physically and mentally is to go through the pain barrier, think again.  With no vigorous exercise or bouncing around the gym , no equipment or special clothing, the Alexander Technique sounds to easy to be of any value.  But practising the technique has led me to be more calm and relaxed reducing pain and stiffness caused by the wrong sort of tension.  I no longer wake with my teeth clenched!
All the people I have met who regularly practice the technique have a certain stillness about them, no bad thing in this hectic world.Used by all kinds of people from executives to actors, this gentle technique would not be
still in use more than 100 years after Alexander developed his ideas if it were not effective!
P H, Primary School Teacher.

I have been practising the AT since the age of 24 years and I am now 40 years old. I began going to a teacher in
London after I had had a spinal discectomy and was in a lot of pain and feeling very fed up about it all. From the
minute I had my first lesson things improved and I have never stopped having lessons and trying to practice it in
my daily activities.  I found it to be extremely useful whilst pregnant and especially when giving birth-I have had
4 children and all without any pain relief. I cannot recommend it enough and not just for back pain!
S A, Doctor.

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